It is often harder to speak with kindness and positivity towards ourselves than it is to others. You may notice yourself jumping on the chance to compliment and encourage a friend who is doubting themselves, yet you don’t do the same for yourself when you harbor the same doubt for your endeavors. 

Adopting a set of positive daily affirmations can remind us that our thoughts don’t always match our reality and promote positive thinking.

What are affirmations?

Affirmations are positive statements that can improve wellbeing, motivation, and confidence.

They tell us to speak to ourselves without a sense of judgment and expectation, but instead with acceptance and gratitude.

Studies show that positive thinking improves not only mood but physical health as well. Positive thinkers are better able to cope with stressful situations, which leads to increased immunity and overall improved wellness. 

One study found that negative emotions cause a lower immune response against disease. Furthermore, one Johns Hopkins expert found that people with a positive outlook were one-third less likely to have a heart attack or other cardiovascular event, despite their family history of heart disease.

how to choose daily affirmations

Daily affirmations are highly personal, and choosing the most powerful daily affirmations for yourself requires an inward glance to your patterns and tendencies. To start, think about what you often say to yourself when you are feeling discouraged. Tuning in to the negative thoughts that emerge in stressful moments can clue us into our insecurities and give us the best daily affirmations. 

A negative thought may be something like, “This is hopeless. I will never be able to change this situation,” or “I am so stupid for making that mistake again.” Then, try to change the statement, so that it is positive. For example, “Every change, even small, makes a difference,” or “I am learning and growing every day.”

When you’re new to using daily affirmations, it can be challenging to reword your negative thoughts. Below are some examples to get you started. We’ve separated the sample affirmations into categories that may help you choose the right ones for you, however, take these categories with a grain of salt and run with whichever affirmation speaks to you.

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daily affirmations for women

Daily Affirmations for Women

Because of the ways women have been positioned in society, women often have a lack of self-assurance, difficulty speaking up, and can feel overwhelmed with responsibility. If you can relate, consider these affirmations that promote confidence and inner peace:  

  1. My perspective is unique, valuable, and worthy of sharing.
  2. I greet each day with joy and ease.
  3. I am uniquely powerful.
  4. I honor who I am and where I am in life.   
  5. Each day is wonderfully balanced with work and play.

daily affirmations for men

Daily Affirmations for Men

Although for similar reasons, men often have a different set of needs than women. Men can feel the need to be in control, undeserved feelings of inadequacy, and also under immense pressure from the outside world. If these feelings resonate with you, you may try the following affirmations:

  1. I am patient and tolerant.
  2. I am learning and growing each day.
  3. I allow the fears of my future to melt away.
  4. I define who I am. I have control over my life.  
  5. I boldly approach the challenges in my life.

daily affirmations for kids

Daily Affirmations for Kids

Starting affirmations young in life is a great way to promote positive thinking early on. By fostering positive thinking in children, we pave the way for them to find the self-assurance and confidence to approach the challenges of life boldly. Try these affirmations with the kids in your life:

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  1. I trust the process of life. I am safe.
  2. I speak with words of love.
  3. All is well.
  4. I make a difference in this world.
  5. I am proud of who I am becoming.

night window

Daily Affirmations for Anybody

Life can be tough. We all have setbacks and disappointments. Affirmations don’t stop bad things from happening, but they do help us practice resiliency and accept that change is a part of life. If you’re feeling disheartened by the course of life, try these affirmations:

  1. Just for today, I will not worry.
  2. I am more resilient than I know.
  3. I feel calm and focused.
  4. I am loved and supported.
  5. I choose a life full of peace and clarity.


What to Do After Choosing an Affirmation

Now it is time to do the work of positive thinking! There are several methods for using affirmations once you’ve chosen one or several that speak to you. 

The first and most simple is thinking them to yourself whenever you notice a negative thought pop up in your head. Another way to quietly slip affirmations into your life is to write them on paper or sticky notes and place them on your desk, mirror, nightstand, or anywhere in the house. Many artists create affirmation art for a beautiful way to remind yourself of your commitment to positive thinking.

Daily affirmations can take some trial and error. Sometimes it can feel difficult to believe what you are saying in your daily affirmations. While it is reasonable to feel out of your comfort zone when taking on a new self-growth project, it is not helpful to use daily affirmations that you do not believe at all. 

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Affirmations are not about ignoring reality in favor of the silver lining, but rather mental health professionals recommend actively replacing negative beliefs with ideas that are both accurate and useful. Therefore, you can slightly adjust the affirmation to make it more authentic to you, as long as it still challenges your negative and unreasonable thoughts about yourself or your life. 

Daily affirmations are for everyone, and anyone can benefit from shifting their mindset to remind themselves of all the good that we experience daily.

Comment below your favorite daily affirmations.

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