We actively go through so many emotions every day. It often gets tough to speak with kindness and positivity towards ourselves. 

We tend to get into feelings of hatred, low self-esteem, and unworthiness towards ourselves which can hinder our growth in life. 

To combat such negative emotions and be better at life, we have accumulated 90 positive affirmations that can brighten up your day, life, and soul each morning!


What are positive morning affirmations?

Morning affirmations are simply positive statements that can help in your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. 

These statements are focused on building a better life that is full of joy and love.

Such affirmations, when repeated regularly and religiously, can bring a positive impact to your life. 

It can help in releasing stress and mental tension while bringing a sense of fulfillment to your life.

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Effective Positive Affirmations For the Morning

Now that we know the importance of the everyday positive affirmations for the morning; let’s jump to the 90 positive affirmations to make the most out of your day.

short morning affirmations for women freedom

40 Short Morning Affirmations For Women

Women often get overwhelmed with different responsibilities, hindering their growth and bringing multiple chances of self-doubt and low self-esteem.

The burden to carry out each day with equal enthusiasm and power can sometimes get challenging, especially when you have so many negative feelings within you.

Start your day with these short positive affirmations for women, and you can build your confidence and strength to overcome every hurdle in life.

  1. I am Powerful
  2. I am Loved
  3. I alone hold the truth of who I am
  4. I am capable of balancing every hardship of life
  5. My struggles and emotions are valid
  6. I am allowed to feel contented with my body
  7. I am loved by my surroundings
  8. The universe is guiding me towards a better healing
  9. I am growing at my own pace
  10. I am complete as I am
  11. I am allowed to release the turmoil inside me
  12. I am capable of achieving my dreams
  13. I am abundant with love
  14. I am successful in life wherever I am
  15. I believe in myself
  16. I am motivated and dedicated to building my life as per my dreams
  17. I am absolutely fearless
  18. I am taking action today towards my goal
  19. I am kind and loving towards everybody
  20. I am balancing my emotions
  21. My life is peaceful
  22. I am Positive
  23. I am wise and competent to make the right decisions
  24. I am relaxed
  25. I am blessed
  26. I am in equal vibration with the frequency of prosperity
  27. I am grateful for everything in life
  28. I am brilliant at my work
  29. I am magnificent at everything I do
  30. I am healthy as I am
  31. I am cheerful and happy
  32. I am on my way to more fortune and prosperity
  33. I am living my dream come true
  34. I am bountiful
  35. I am capable of handling every responsibility
  36. I am happy
  37. I am an amazing mother, wife, girlfriend, sister, and family member
  38. I am a wonderful daughter
  39. I love myself
  40. I am growing and learning every day
short positive affirmations for men meditation

40 Short Positive Affirmations for Men

Just like women, men also have their fair share of struggles. 

Starting at the tough time at work to handling other responsibilities

Often men are ignored and may feel inadequate in their life. 

The burden men carry on their shoulders is huge, along with the immense pressure from the world outside. 

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If you resonate with these feelings and want to change your perspective in life, here are the best positive affirmations for men that can help brighten your day.

  1. I am successful
  2. I am lively and healthy
  3. I am respected by my surroundings
  4. I am patient and tolerant
  5. I am honest
  6. I am courageous
  7. I am fulfilled with what I have
  8. I am confident
  9. I am resourceful
  10. I am kind and wholesome
  11. I am business savvy
  12. I am charming
  13. I am multi-millionaire
  14. I am protected
  15. I am financially stable in life
  16. I am doing well in life
  17. I am worthy of everything in life
  18. I am divinely guided
  19. I am worthy of a life of happiness, love, joy, and respect
  20. I am doing well at work
  21. I forgive myself and others
  22. I am in sync with only positive vibrations
  23. My efforts give me amazing results
  24. I am in full control of my thoughts, feelings, and emotions
  25. I believe in my capability
  26. Doors of success and abundance are open to me now
  27. Everything I need to succeed is already with me
  28. I am in utmost love with the way I am
  29. I am important to my surroundings
  30. I am talented
  31. I am special and unique
  32. I am secure both financially and mentally
  33. I am capable of everything I choose to do
  34. I am honorable
  35. I am in control of my behavior and actions
  36. I can boldly approach every challenge in life
  37. I am unstoppable
  38.  My life is full of prosperity, happiness, and integrity
  39. I am growing to be a better man to my loved ones every day
  40. I am an amazing father, husband, son, brother, and a family member
short positive affirmations for kids kindness

10 Short Positive Affirmations for Kids

Starting to inculcate the importance of affirmations at an early age is a fantastic start to a prosperous life

Short positive affirmations each day will help them build a more patient, stronger, and positive personality in the long run

Try these positive affirmations for the morning with your kids and witness their growth over time.

  1. I treat everyone with kindness
  2. I am thankful for all my blessings, and I share them with my surroundings
  3. I am thankful for everything I received in life
  4. I treat everybody with equal respect around me
  5. I am doing well at school
  6. I am doing the best I can right now
  7. I am capable of getting an A on the next test
  8. I am generous with my surroundings
  9. I am growing and learning every day
  10. I am capable of making an impactful difference in the world
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How To Choose The Right Positive Affirmations?

There is never a strict rule in choosing positive affirmations for the morning. 

The key here is to select the ones which truly resonate with your life and your current struggles. 

Focus on the present negativity in your life while choosing the affirmation.

For example, if you feel like your body doesn’t look its best or lack self-confidence, you can always choose affirmations like “ I am allowed to feel contented with my body,” “ I am complete as I am,” etc.

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In case you are still confused, we have segregated the positive affirmations under three categories in a generalized manner. 

You can also emit confusion by simply following the list and proceeding with the affirmations.

How many hours should I practice affirmations each morning?

Most of us are busy throughout the day. 

This is precisely why the morning is the ideal time to practice these affirmations in our routine. 

Ensure to take out at least 10-15 minutes every morning and repeat these positive affirmations religiously, and you can observe a visible difference in your life.

It can be slightly challenging to eliminate the negative chatter so quickly that it may seem overpowering over these positive affirmations. 

It may look like you are doing it all wrong for the first few days. However, positive affirmations are all about consistency and determination. With time, you can easily master the skill of positivity and lead a life full of prosperity.

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