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Do you consider yourself unworthy of the love and affection you crave for? Do you constantly compare with your peers and look down upon yourself? These are some typical symptoms of low self-esteem, which can be fixed with consistent affirmations for self-worth.

If you succumb to negative feelings easily, this may bring long-term diseases such as depression, social anxiety, bipolar disorder, and many more. Narrating these affirmations can help rebuild your self-esteem and initiate your journey to loving and harnessing yourself from within.

If you are looking for some good affirmations for self-esteem, we have just the right list for you. Read along with us and know everything you should be doing during this journey to make the most out of your daily affirmations.

What are Affirmations for Self Esteem?

An affirmation for self-worth or self-esteem is simply a statement that helps to assume something to be true. Such affirmations for self-love and acceptance are great for challenging the negative thoughts in your mind and taking charge of any negative subconscious thinking patterns.

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Next, these affirmations help to replace the negativity with more realistic and positive ones, boosting your self-esteem and bringing more joy to your life. To sum up, positive affirmations for self-esteem are designed to improve your life, both physically and mentally.

How to use Positive Self esteem affirmations correctly?

Affirmations or mantras are meant to be repeated regularly. You are what you think and believe. Whenever you repeat these affirmations, you believe in something you want to achieve and already find it happening in reality. The brain is a mighty organ.

Like you perceive the negativity and believe in it from the external distractions when you think about negativity, you do the same with positivity. When you repeat these affirmations, you replace the negativity with the positive mindset, which results from constant belief and practice.

Initially, using positive affirmations for self-love can be daunting. However, when you believe in it, you can utilize them correctly.

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50 Positive Affirmations to improve low self-esteem

Now that we have finally understood the importance and the correct way of using positive affirmations, let’s jump directly to the list of the top 50 empowering self-love affirmations that will make love, affection, and prosperity bloom in your life.

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  1. I love the person I am right now
  2. I am kind to myself
  3. I am deserving of every love and affection in the world
  4. I am beautiful, inside and out
  5. I am complete
  6. I control my happiness
  7. I focus on only self-care with the utmost compassion
  8. None of my fears hold me back
  9. I love and acknowledge myself just the way I am
  10. Loving myself comes from my within naturally
  11. I let go of the negative people around me
  12. I let go of any negative vibes, emotions, and feelings
  13. I let go of my past and work hard to make my present the best
  14. I am valued and loved
  15. I have a warm and caring heart that treats everyone with compassion
  16. I believe in my aspirations
  17. I have complete faith in my capabilities and potential
  18. The universe is bringing unlimited love and affection to me
  19. I always give my best in everything
  20. My life is at the right balance
  21. I radiate confidence and prosperity
  22. I am confident about the way I look and talk
  23. I am confident about my feelings
  24. My mind is filled with only positivity
  25. I honor the decisions I make in life
  26. I acknowledge the strengths and weaknesses in myself proudly
  27. I am powerful
  28. My past cannot dictate my future
  29. I am capable of achieving everything I dream of
  30. My dreams and aspirations are real and valid
  31. The universe is supporting me to reach my dreams
  32. I choose self-love over anything
  33. I have full faith in myself
  34. I choose to view my life and surroundings only positively
  35. I am proud of every small effort I make
  36. I am moving just at the right pace towards my goals
  37. I am healing every day from my wounds
  38. I choose not to be hurt by negativity
  39. I am unique and special while being my most authentic self
  40. I am successful and happy
  41. I do not need to change to please others
  42. I am wealthy and healthy right now
  43. I am at a good phase of life
  44. My capabilities and belief inspire me
  45. I am grateful for the body I have currently
  46. My life is a miracle, and I am important
  47. I can stand up for myself and everybody around me
  48. My needs are valid and important
  49. I take full charge of my emotions and feelings
  50. I am at peace with myself eternally

How often should you repeat these Affirmations for Self Love and Healing?

Even though there is no fixed count about how many times you should repeat the affirmations for self-esteem in a day, a count of three to five every day can do quite well. The key is to be consistent and practice it religiously.

When you have faith in the affirmations you speak and repeat consistently, you welcome positivity with a relaxed mind and body. You can welcome it in a better manner and make it stay in your life, which will positively affect your life.

Repeating affirmations at least three to five times a day with full faith and belief can help in doing miracles than random affirmations once a week. Once you believe and put the work into it, you can achieve everything you are trying to get through the affirmations.

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Tips to Strengthen your Belief on Positive affirmations

As we already discussed, the importance of having belief and faith in the affirmations to make them work may not seem as easy as it sounds. When filled with negativity, you can be easily overwhelmed with a plethora of negative emotions that can easily overpower the positivity of the affirmations.

In such cases, we have outlined a few tips that can help in strengthening your belief in your positive affirmations for self-love and acceptance.

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The best way to believe in what you are saying is to note it down on a copy. Take out some time within the entire day, preferably morning, and note the positive affirmations as you speak. This way of writing while repeating your affirmations is highly powerful and can help you reach your goals much faster. It connects you a lot better with yourself and makes better use of positive affirmations.

Experiment with Mirror Work

Another powerful element you should add to your morning routine is mirror work. This simple and easy technique takes just a few minutes of your day and maximizes the potential of your positive affirmations at least three times. Just look directly to the mirror in your eye and repeat the affirmations you selected from above. This will also help you gradually connect better with yourself and bring better results in this journey.

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Set reminders

Initially, you may forget to repeat the affirmations for self-love and healing every day. Setting reminders on your smartphone is a great way to remind yourself during the initial days until you get habituated to this routine. You can also leave small sticky notes around the house or set multiple alarms to remind yourself at a specific time to repeat the positive affirmations.

You have all the love you need and deserve within you. When you are consistent with your affirmation efforts, you can finally turn your aspirations into reality. The key is to stick to it, believe in it, and work towards it. With this combination and the best affirmations for self-worth, nothing can limit your self-love journey now.

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