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There is growing evidence that affirmations, or positive statements of intention, can have a powerful effect on the brain. Studies have shown that repeating positive statements regularly can help change the way the brain functions, making it more resilient and adaptable to stress.

This has important implications for both mental and physical health. People who repeat simple positive affirmations have less cortisol in their saliva after they heard the statement. Cortisol is a hormone that is released when there is stress and it decreases our immune system. Our brains are greatly affected by this hormone.

Affirmations can help change many aspects of your internal world, that also changes the way your body functions. Here are some affirmations for brain power  that will help transform your brain and increase your happiness!

Affirmations can help with mental health

There is growing evidence that affirmations can be an effective way to improve mental health. For example, a study published in the journal Mind found that people who repeated positive statements like “I am strong” or “I am loved” reported lower levels of anxiety and depression than those who didn’t.

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Researchers believe that affirming thoughts help to reduce negative thoughts and feelings, which can lead to improved mental health. The psychology behind affirmations is simple, your mind doesn’t know what’s true or not true.

So, when you repeat positive statements your mind perceives them as true; this is how affirmations affect the brain in positive ways

effects of affirmations on the brain
  1. My mind feels balanced.
  2. I am at peace within my mind.
  3. I am at ease within my mind.
  4. I empowered within my mind.
  5. I have overcome the demons within my mind.
  6. I no longer have intrusive thoughts.
  7. I am in control of my thoughts.
  8. I have complete control over my emotions.
  9. My mind feels free.
  10. My mental health is improving drastically.
  11. All of my mental health efforts are working and benefiting me.
  12. I am healing my mental health quickly.
  13. I see myself in a whole new light.
  14. I feel more at peace within myself than ever before.
  15. When I wake up each day, I am hopeful for what the future holds.
  16. I am hopeful for my future again.
  17. I am starting to feel creative again.
  18. I am happy more often than not.
  19. I have changed my mental health for the better.
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Affirmations can help remove limiting self beliefs

Believing in yourself is one of the most important things you can do for your mental and emotional well-being. But what if you have self-doubt, negative beliefs about yourself that make it difficult to achieve your goals?

Affirmations are a powerful way to remove limiting self-beliefs and affirm positive thoughts about yourself. It’s time to stop asking “Can affirmations affect the brain?” Start believing. Use these affirmations to reprogram your mind and remove the beliefs that are holding you back from your empowerment.

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  1. I am capable of moving mountains.
  2. I have the power to be successful.
  3. I am greater than any challenge I face.
  4. I can conquer the challenges I face.
  5. Look at me! I am a power-house of potential.
  6. When I want something, I know I can achieve it.
  7. Whatever I set my mind to will be mine.
  8. I have confidence within myself.
  9. I see myself in the highest light.
  10. I am proud of the person that I am.
  11. I have transformed my life in the most miraculous ways.
  12. I feel blessed by the universe.
  13. I am capable of great things.
  14. I have accomplished great things.
  15. Right now, I let go of all fear.
  16. I remove all worry and doubt from my mind permanently.
  17. I open my arms wide to all of the possibilities that are before me!

You Can Heal From Past Trauma with Positive Affirmations

Trauma can have a lasting and negative impact on our lives. It’s something that we all experience to some degree, but it doesn’t have to stay that way.

You can help heal from trauma by getting involved in CBT or other therapeutic interventions. These treatments can help you learn how to cope with your past experiences and move forward.

 Affirmations can help you heal, by changing the way your mind thinks and feels about what you’ve gone through. Here are the most powerful affirmations for affecting your brain and healing trauma.

  1. My trauma does not define me.
  2. I am more than my trauma.
  3. My trauma isn’t a life sentence.
  4. I’m not a victim of my trauma.
  5. I have fully recovered from my trauma.
  6. I am healing my trauma everyday.
  7. My trauma is feeling less intense every day.
  8. I am healing the deepest levels of my being.
  9. Everyday, I feel myself becoming more whole and complete.
  10. I am putting myself back together.
  11. Once I was lost, but now I’ve found myself again.
  12. I know that I am safe.
  13. I know that I am loved.
  14. I know that I still have my entire life to live.
  15. I appreciate where I am today.
  16. I am grateful for my strength.
  17. I am grateful for the lessons my trauma has taught me.
  18. I let go of all un-forgivness.

Affirmations Really Work to Help You Love Yourself

If you’re struggling to love yourself, there are many things you can do to start. One of the simplest ways is to start by forgiving yourself for your past mistakes. It’s okay to make mistakes – everyone does! – but it’s important that you remember that not every mistake equals abad person. Next, be kind and gentle with yourself.

Say positive things about yourself every day, and avoid using words like “failure” or “mistakes.” Finally, take some time for you each day. Spend time doing something that you enjoy, whether it’s reading a book, going on a walk, or spending time with your friends and family.

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These simple affirmations will help you learn how to love and accept yourself for who you are today.

  1. Today, I choose to love myself.
  2. I know there are many things to love about myself.
  3. I see my self in the most beautiful light.
  4. I am in love with myself.
  5. The people in my life love me dearly.
  6. Look at me! I am so wonderful!
  7. I’m grateful for the life I’ve been given.
  8. Everyday my life feels like a gift.
  9. I jump for joy for each day I have to live.
  10. I am overflowing with love for myself and my life.
  11. I love myself unconditionally.
  12. I embrace every aspect of my being.
  13. I cherish every aspect of my being.
  14. I offer my entire being love and support.
how affirmations affect the brain

Affirmations rewire the brain and can help you see the world in a new light

If you need a change in perspective, whether you’re becoming bored with your daily routine, or tired of feeling the same way about your life, affirmations can help. Affirmations affect the brain by changing the way you think, therefore changing the way you see yourself and the world around you. 

Use these affirmations to change the way your mind works, helping you see the world from a fresh perspective.

  1. I am seeing things from a brand new perspective.
  2. I see the world through new eyes.
  3. I see myself for the very first time.
  4. I see how wonderful life truly is.
  5. I see how beautiful I truly am.
  6. I notice all of the wonderful things I didn’t see before.
  7. I am having brand new ideas.
  8. My desires are changing everyday.
  9. I feel uplifted.
  10. The world seems like a brand new place.
  11. Everything feels possible for me now!
  12. My life is a blank slate.

Now that you know how affirmations affect the brain and you know some of the affirmations for brain power, use them and see how you can transform your mind!

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