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Are you overwhelmed with financial debts? 

Are you having a hard time paying off the student loan you took a few years ago? 

Or did you have to mortgage your home due to lack of money? 

This is just the initiation of some of the common problems that most people have with their finances. 

A pure belief and the right money affirmations are your best shot!

It gets even worse when you know you are loaded with debts and yet attract only the negativity by speaking negatively! Remember. You attract everything you speak, think, or learn. 

If you want to attract money, you need to focus only on money and everything positive about it.

Constant fretting over your finances will never help! It may even do worse than good! 

The best way is to focus on the best money affirmations, and you can easily find yourself attracting wealth and abundance gradually.

On that note, if you are looking on the internet for the best money affirmations, we have curated a list of 42 effective money affirmations that can transform your life and attract only wealth and prosperity in your life. Let’s get started.

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What are Money Affirmations?

Before we jump to the list of affirmations, let’s first clear our basics. Affirmations are simply concise, positive statements that declare specific goals and objectives that an individual desires.

A money affirmation is focused on you and money. It is built to attract and bring more wealth and prosperity in life.

Repeating money affirmations every day with a clear heart can massively change your money story and get past your money blocks effortlessly.

Money Affirmations To Attract Wealth And Abundance

Now that we have covered the basics let’s check out the top 42 best money affirmations to attract financial abundance in life.

Take a deep breath, choose the ones you look for from the list below and start practicing it.

  1. I embrace new sources and avenues of income in my life
  2. My income will exceed my daily expenses
  3. My bank account has a constant flow of money
  4. I am getting rich by doing what I am passionate about
  5. I attract enough pay to attract the lifestyle I want
  6. My hard work is bringing me an abundant source of money
  7. The money I recently invested will come back to me tenfold
  8. I attract money to my life
  9. I earn money through fun and easy ways
  10. Every action I take right now will plant the seeds of wealth
  11. Financial success is on its way to my life
  12. I reclaim my money power
  13. Being rich is a part of me
  14. I am fully financially independent in my life
  15. I am in absolute control of my financial life
  16. My savings is growing and making me financially secure everyday
  17. I enjoy this financial freedom that I gained
  18. I am worthy of all the wealth I desire
  19. I let go of any limiting beliefs about money
  20. I am financially free
  21. I am attracting a larger sum of money in my life
  22. I am making unlimited money
  23. I am capable of overcoming any obstacles in my financial life
  24. Money always flows to me in both expected and unexpected ways
  25. I am welcoming wealth and prosperity into my life
  26. An abundance of wealth and prosperity is on its way to my life. I deserve it, and I acknowledge it
  27. My actions are driven towards a constant flow of wealth and prosperity
  28. I am living the financial life I desire
  29. I am attracting new opportunities of making money every day
  30. I am capable of adequately managing my finances
  31. I am capable of financing my lifestyle
  32. I am free of any debts
  33. My finances are improving beyond my dreams
  34. I am constantly growing and earning
  35. I am free of any financial constraints
  36. I can provide a good lifestyle to my loved ones with the wealth I acquire
  37. I attract wealth like a magnet
  38. I am attracting wealth and abundance right at this moment
  39. I am grateful for the money I am attracting everyday
  40. I deserve to be rich and lead the life I desire to
  41. My capacity to grow money is expanding right now
  42. I constantly discover new avenues of income

Do Money Affirmations work?

YES. Money Affirmations DO work. You can find multiple sources of affirmations on the internet. Once you choose a set, start practicing them while having a strong belief that you will achieve whatever you say right now.

Repeating such large sums of money affirmations help your subconscious mind consider it as your reality while you gradually attract them towards your life in the most unexpected ways.

However, let’s not forget. The key here is to strengthen your beliefs and have faith in the affirmations.

affirmations for abundance and wealth

The Science behind Money Affirmations for Wealth

According to research by Queen’s University, an average person thinks about 6000 throughout every day. Some could be weird, while some could be funny. Some could also be serious, while some could be negative!

We may also encounter many experiences in our everyday lives that can trigger a pool of negative emotions with a snap! 

Such experiences can include being loaded with debt, not being able to clear your debt, or not having financial freedom

Such thoughts can lower down your inner confidence while hindering your money attracting capabilities. This is precisely where such powerful money affirmations work wonders!

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Constantly repeating the I am rich affirmations and affirmations for money management; you can overcome any potential obstacles in your finances and push towards a successful and debt-free life. 

It gives you the self-esteem to move ahead and grow your money as your inner self grows.

Such affirmations to attract financial abundance also help release the stress levels in your mind while giving you a positive attitude to attract only the positive and wealthy experiences in your life. 

So why wait?

It is better late than never. 

Start with your everyday money affirmations while sipping your tea and witness your finances transforming!

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How Can I Instantly Attract Money in Life? Tips to Quickly Earn Money with Money Affirmations

Like we said, being consistent with affirmations can significantly help in transforming your money story. However, there is always a procedure for it. Here are a few steps which should be added to your everyday affirmation routine for better results:

Believe that you are worthy of everything you attract

Ultimately it all comes down to your faith in beliefs. 

You can repeat these affirmations a million times with a negative belief, and you won’t find any result. 

Part of attracting wealth is about believing that you are worthy of the money you are attracting.

The secret to these affirmations starts with self-view, wherein you acknowledge that you are truly worthy of the happiness and desires that you are attracting. Accordingly, let go of any negative belief or guilt and shame associated with your past.

Focus on the NOW

Many people fall into this vicious trap of focusing on what they do not have at the moment. It brings them to a downward spiral of negativity which is tough to break through. This is a potential repellent against the positive forces of attracting wealth.

If you are under the same circumstances, start focusing on being grateful. 

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End the brutal cycle of helplessness

With such financial constraints, you may feel helpless and depressed. Again, this is the gravitational pull of poverty. Like we said, you attract the positive things in life only with a positive approach.

End any excuses and thoughts that are limiting your capabilities. 

Change your “I can’t” and “I don’ts” to “I can” and “I do.” 

This way, you can find a better hope for the upcoming wealth you are about to attract and succeed in your journey of affirmations.

Purge jealousies

Often we tend to compare our financial status with others and end up feeling depressed when they are doing better at it.

Jealousy of such possessions is similar to occupying your mind with an illusion.

Jealousy is all about projecting a false narrative that may never be grounded in the truth. 

Focus only on yourself and your money affirmations. 

Let go of your jealousies to make room for the upcoming wealth and happiness.

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