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Do you want to exude confidence? Would you like to feel secure with you who are? 

Lucky for you, both confidence and pride comes from within.

Before we get to the powerful affirmations for men that I am about to share today, let’s answer a few questions that you may have.

attractive male affirmations

Can Men Use Affirmations?

Reciting, reading or even writing affirmations is not a gender-specific activity.

You can read as many affirmations as you want, whether you are a man or a woman.

Sadly, men are usually too much in their egos for them to want to use affirmations. 

If you’re here, I am glad you’re not one of them.

It’s not their fault though. Society expects men to always be self-assured and never need help with anything. 

Everyone needs a little extra help sometimes, and that’s okay.

Everyone can struggle with low confidence regardless of their gender. 

Everyone can use some help.

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Affirmations will help you feel supercharged and confident. They will also help you stay humble. There’s a catch though.

Your affirmations need to be in present tense as if you already have what you want. 

At the same time, they need to be realistic.

For example, if you make $500 and want $3000, maybe start with $600 or $650 at most. 

You cannot attract something you’ve never experienced. I know it seems anti law of attraction. 

But, if you’re not realistic about where you are right now, you can never get to where you want to be.

Improvement is all about taking one step at a time.

Without further ado, let’s get to the positive affirmations for men you’re here to read.

Maybe choose one or two of these and repeat them in your head 3-4 times a day. Or, you can also speak them out loud in front of a mirror.

positive affirmations for alpha males

Best Positive affirmations For Men To Become Alpha Males

An alpha is second to no one. He is a leader who knows what he wants and how to get it

Use these positive affirmations for alpha males daily to start seeing a difference in your personality within a week.

  1. I am strong and resilient.
  2. I don’t need to question my worth.
  3. I am reliable.
  4. I am indispensable to my friends and family.
  5. I am capable of attracting all that I desire.
  6. Others depend upon me.
  7. People trust me with their life.
  8. I am loyal. I never betray those I love.
  9. I do what I love and still make good money.
  10. I always help others.
  11. I know that I am heading in the right direction.
  12. My ego supports me. It doesn’t need to work against me.
  13. I believe in my power to change the world.
  14. I don’t need to force success. It comes naturally to me.
  15. I will make the world a better place for my children.
  16. I am bold and courageous.
  17. I am the master of my time and energy.
  18. I never let anyone walk all over me.
  19. I don’t seek validation from others.
  20. I am exactly where I need to be.
  21. I always stand up for the truth.
  22. I always pick my battles carefully.
  23. Challenges only make me stronger than I am.
  24. I value myself.
  25. I radiate confidence.
  26. I am an excellent leader.
daily affirmations for men

Daily affirmations For Men

Your daily affirmations should be short and crisp. You should be able to speak them out loud easily.

Daily affirmations for men need to remind them of just how powerful they are. 

They should also help them address their emotions properly (since most men ignore their feelings until they have a meltdown which is not healthy).

You can also pick your affirmation of the day daily from this list.

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  1. I am an alpha.
  2. I am a money magnet.
  3. I am resilient.
  4. I love my work.
  5. I exude power.
  6. I radiate chivalry.
  7. I know exactly who I am.
  8. I am an amazing leader.
  9. I believe in myself.
  10. Gratitude is a virtue I possess.
  11. I always do what I love.
  12. I can easily express my emotions.
  13. I have a strong connection to my emotional body
  14. I heal more and more everyday.
  15. I am wise.
  16. I am so proud of myself.

Read this list out loud before you sleep every night or right after you wake up everyday.

morning affirmations for men

Morning affirmations For Men

We are more open to suggestions right before we fall asleep or right after we wake up. 

Reading or listening to affirmations early in the morning will help you prepare yourself to do your best throughout the day.

Let’s now go through our list of morning affirmations for men that every alpha male needs to know.

  1. I will make it through the day.
  2. Just like everyone, I am a work in progress.
  3. I see the best in everyone.
  4. I believe in others.
  5. I am grateful for all I have today.
  6. I deserve to be treated with love and respect.
  7. I command respect.
  8. I will not chase perfection today.
  9. Today will be amazing because I am amazing.
  10. Mistakes are meant to be lessons
  11. My confidence comes from within.
  12. I know my purpose and I will work hard to fulfill it.
  13. I am in complete control of myself.
  14. I don’t worry about what I can’t control.
  15. I deserve to have a great day.
handsome affirmations

Attractive Male affirmations

You are as attractive as you need to be. Let that be your first affirmation. 

I have a few more handsome affirmations to share with you.

Before we get to them, already remember that beauty is subjective. 

You don’t need to worry about being handsome. 

You already are. 

Maybe focus on how you look at yourself.

Anyway, let’s now read our final list of affirmations for men: attractive male affirmations.

  1. I am charismatic.
  2. I am an excellent lover.
  3. My partner will be lucky to have me.
  4. I am so lucky to be this handsome.
  5. I look like an alpha.
  6. Others often compliment me for my looks.
  7. I look like a male supermodel.
  8. My posture exudes confidence.
  9. I love my looks
  10. I am worthy of an amazing partner.
  11. My hair is amazing.
  12. I am hot.
  13. I am charming.
  14. People love my sense of humor.
  15. My partner loves how sexy I am as a man.
  16. I am irresistible.
  17. I am wonderful.
  18. I am handsome.
  19. I look amazing.
  20. I love eating healthy food.
  21. I exercise often.

Pick your favorite from this list of handsome affirmations and get started already! 

Read them in front of the mirror to receive the best results.


How To Use Affirmations As A Man?

The answer to this question is fairly simple- howsoever you feel comfortable to use them.

Some people like to speak them out loud. 

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Others love reading them from a piece of paper. 

Feel free to print these out to do so.

Pinterest boards are a wonderful tool to keep track of your favorite affirmations.

The purpose of these affirmations is to fill you with confidence.

What makes you feel confident?

That’s all you really need to know.

These affirmations for Men will help them grow in every area of their life. 

It will significantly improve their love life, work-life balance and personal relationships.

Men deserve as much success and happiness as women. 

There’s no reason for them to feel shy about using these affirmations.

Maybe just pick one everyday from this list of powerful affirmations for men and repeat it in your head throughout your day.

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