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Have you ever wanted to change the world, probably to remove all the evil and restore goodness? Children often do because they are not as used to witnessing cruelty as adults are. Regardless of your age, kindness is the easiest way to make the difference you have always wanted to.

Today, we’ll share 50+ kindness affirmations that you can use to make the world a better place to live in.

Affirmations For Kindness

We often associate kindness with others, but the truth is that we need to be just kind to ourselves as we are to others. Kindness helps you to not be overly harsh with yourself, forgive yourself and others easily, and believe in the magic of the world. When you treat someone kindly, you let them learn from their mistakes. Never forget to stand up for yourself.

Let’s go through some kindness affirmations that we need to repeat and remember every single day.

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  1. I embody kindness every day.
  2. I m a kind and innocent soul.
  3. My aura radiates with kindness.
  4. One can never be too kind.
  5. Everyone deserves a second chance. So do I.
  6. I will be kind to at least one person today.
  7. I deal with difficult situations kindly and gracefully.
  8. I will be equally kind to both my friends and enemies.
  9. Everyone is equal in my eyes.
  10. Today, I will help as many people as I can.
  11. I don’t need a reason to respect people. Everyone deserves that.
  12. People appreciate how loving and kind I am.

Loving-Kindness Affirmations

Loving Kindness is a practice of extending unconditional love, grace, and kindness to yourself, your friends, acquaintances, enemies, and the world at large. People practice loving-kindness either through meditation or by repeating loving-kindness affirmations every day.

Loving-Kindness Towards self

  1. May my life be full of joy.
  2. May my heart be always full of unconditional love and compassion.
  3. May I always be safe and in the arms of my angels.
  4. May I always forgive and be forgiven.

Loving-Kindness Towards Someone else (start with one person)

  1. May your life be full of joy.
  2. May your heart be always full of unconditional love and compassion.
  3. May you always be safe and in the arms of my angels.
  4. May you always forgive and be forgiven.

Loving-Kindness Towards Your Friends

  1. May their life be full of joy.
  2. May their heart be always full of unconditional love and compassion.
  3. May they always be safe and in the arms of my angels.
  4. May they always forgive and be forgiven.

Loving-Kindness Towards Your Enemies

  1. May their life be full of joy.
  2. May their heart be always full of unconditional love and compassion.
  3. May they always be safe and in the arms of my angels.
  4. May they always forgive and be forgiven.

Loving-Kindness Towards The World

  1. May our life be full of joy.
  2. May our hearts be always full of unconditional love and compassion.
  3. May I always be safe and in the arms of people I love.
  4. May we always forgive and be forgiven.

Try using affirmations in the right order (yourself, someone else, your friends, others, and the world).

Self Compassion Affirmations

After you’re done with your loving-kindness affirmations and kind affirmations for others, it’s time for self-compassion.

As we already mentioned, love yourself as much as you love your best friend. If you don’t have your back, no one else will.

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Let’s discuss some self-compassion affirmations that will help you be gentle with yourself and love yourself unconditionally.

  1. It’s okay if I fail this time. I will do better in the future.
  2. I am so proud of myself for going through everything I did.
  3. I am amazing!
  4. Kudos to me for trying so hard.
  5. I will always support myself.
  6. I will always love and value myself.
  7. I am doing my best.
  8. I love myself with all my flaws.
  9. I am a beautiful soul.
  10. I trust my heart to know what’s best for me.

Positive Affirmations For Life Changes

Self-compassion is not just about being all lovey-dovey with yourself. Sometimes, force yourself to work hard, clip your nails, and do everything you need to do but don’t want to. 

Positive affirmations for life changes encourage you to push yourself more and more every day so you do your best in every single one of your attempts.

  1. Changes happen naturally. I don’t need to try hard or force them.
  2. It’s time I give myself a second chance.
  3. I forgive myself for my past.
  4. I no longer hold resentment against anyone who hurt me in the past.
  5. I release control and allow changes to happen naturally.
  6. I love making positive changes in my life.
  7. I know what’s best for me.
  8. I have everything I need to change myself for the better.
  9. I am living my dream life.
  10. I am prepared to deal with every obstacle I am meant to overcome.

Affirmations For Trying New Things

What do you do after you have released your old patterns and expressed your willingness to change your life? You try new things!

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Use these affirmations to make trying new things an easy and hassle-free process.

  1. I am so excited to …….. (whatever you want to try)
  2. I am brave.
  3. I am so excited to see what this experience has in store for me.
  4. I am grateful for the amazing new beginning life has offered me.
  5. Life is full of endless new possibilities.
  6. I can easily adapt to new situations.
  7. The right time to do (whatever you want to do) is now!
  8. I release all my doubts and concerns.
  9. I am creating a better life for myself.
  10. Trying new things is easy.

Affirmations for Empathy

Another thing you need to take care of is being empathetic. Empathy will help feel what your friends are going through. It will help you to suggest to your loved ones the right course of action, whatever situation they are in.

People are more open to suggestions when they see that you understand what’s going on in their situation.

Feel free to use the following affirmations for empathy to be there for your friends and family members whenever they need you.

  1. I understand the pain he/she is going through.
  2. I can feel what they’re feeling.
  3. My heart is full of compassion and empathy for others.
  4. I am blessed with empathy and intuition. I always know how t guide others.
  5. I believe that we all have good hearts deep down.
  6. I love praying for their well-being.
  7. I can feel in my heart that they will be okay soon.
  8. My empathy is not a curse. It’s a part of my life purpose.
  9. Others are often empathic toward me. They always want the best for me.

Affirmations For Support

Along with kindness affirmations, we also need to repeat some affirmations for support every day. As humans, we gotta have each other’s back. Otherwise, what’s the point?
  1. I am divinely supported.
  2. My friends and family support me and my dreams.
  3. I know that I am on the trite path for me.
  4. I am strong, stable, and supported.
  5. I am never truly alone.
  6. I will always have my friend’s back.
  7. The Universe is always looking after me.
  8. I have supportive teammates and colleagues.
  9. My boss supports my ambitions.
  10. My partner supports my needs and I do theirs.
Kindness is truly the only weapon we need to change the world. Use at least 5 of these kindness affirmations every day to completely transform your life and the lives of  your loved ones.

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