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Affirmations are phrases or declarations that we tell ourselves to help push us to a better position when it comes to the things that we do daily. There are so many affirmations in the world today, but we want to major in the happiness affirmations that we can do.

Such daily happy affirmations help to build up your mood making you more effective. With a better mood, you will find yourself more productive in your work, less stressed, and more importantly more understanding of the situation that you or someone else may be in at that time.

All you need to do is make that conscious decision of reminding yourself that “I choose the path that I want to walk in.” With this in mind, you will be able to understand what you need and at the same time, decide how you want the situation to be handled.


How can you make them effective?

Affirmations are sentences that bring certain energy to your mind. The best affirmations for happiness have to be said out loud or in your mind. You can even write them and place them in your traffic areas like your mirror, nightstand, computer screen, pop-ups on your phone, or even a reminder on your gadget to go through several of them daily.

You also need to be sure that you are maintaining the positive spirit that you should be having for it to have a better standing when it comes to having it work in your life.

The best times to practice the affirmations are when you need them to materialize in a situation that you are in like

  • When you are having a long day
  • In the morning when you wake up
  • When someone pisses you off and you know you can’t do anything about it
  • When you are overwhelmed with negative thoughts
  • When you are having doubts about your ability in being able to do something.
  • When you need to remind someone of their worth.
  • Remind yourself of the experiences that you have had and how far you have come.
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Why choose the affirmations for joy and happiness?

The only time you will be able to be happy is when you are intentional about it, which is a technique that you have to learn. The good thing about joy and happiness is that they are very infectious when it comes to the people around you. You can easily pass on the good feelings to them without you intending to.

Practicing these affirmations also helps to keep your concentration in check, reduce stress, activate your faith, and increase brain activity at any time and even to some people increase their athletic performance making them more physical and eventually healthier. This is the goal for most people today considering the pressure of the economy that keeps falling on us daily.

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Don’t be fooled to believe that they are mere chants that you speak about and some magical power being that takes over. Affirmations are all centered on your mind that then work to make sure that you quantify what your mind believes. 

Therefore, it is not that we don’t have the confidence prior; it is just that with the affirmations they are not activated and given life. It then becomes easier for them to actualize in your life with the intensity that you would like them to have.

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The best happiness affirmations that you can practice

Some of the most effective ways to make it happen are to practice a few of the happiness affirmations that you get to learn here. I believe you have heard of many of them before. You however might have been oblivious of the power that they have when it comes to being able to work its wonders in your everyday life.

Before you choose the right affirmation for you at that time, you need to be able to understand the situation you are in and the possible outcome that you are expecting from the affirmation. Even though there are so many of them out here, choosing the right one ensure that you get the solution that you need at that time.  



Too many people’s affirmations are all the same. However, it takes a person who is trying to handle a specific situation to be able to appreciate the differences among the affirmations that are out here

As we said, the more specific you are about the result that you want, the more detailed you will be at what you need to keep saying to yourself over and over again. It is all about what your mind can reason out in a situation that will help quicken the solution that you are looking for.

You can always come up with affirmations that will sit you without having to look at what other people have used in the past. You need with what suits you best.


Short happy affirmations

Some affirmations are nice and short. In most cases, you will find yourself saying them when you are tempted to lose the faith in your ability after you have not done something right. In other words, we use them when we realize that we might have gotten short of the expertise that is needed or the power that was expected from us.

When we talk of short, we mean two to four words in the sentence. You can easily come up with these because it all depends on what you need to remind yourself at that time.

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  1. Baby steps
  2. Be kind
  3. I am grateful
  4. I am learning
  5. I am useful
  6. I got this
  7. I have all I need
  8. love you
subliminal happy affirmations

Subliminal happy affirmations

Subliminal happy affirmations are used when you can’t see the effect that your words are saying, but your mind in all its power manages to do otherwise.

Such affirmations may look like simple advert statements, but once you sit down and understand them further, you realize that they have deeper hidden meanings you may not have been aware of.

  1. Exercise will bring me longevity and many extra years to come.
  2. I accept the changes that are happening to my body. I am open to this change.
  3. I am beautiful on the inside and out.
  4. I am getting stronger, healthier, and fitter every day.
  5. I am happy. I am healthy. I am well
  6. I am investing in my health because I know I am worth it.
  7. I focus on being the healthiest version of myself at this moment.
  8. I surround myself with positive influences and people who treat me well.
  9. In a few years, everyone will forget what happened today. Nobody cares what I wore yesterday, either.
  10. My body is my temple. I care for my temple and remain unshakable, no matter what happens.
  11. My thoughts, feelings, and body are perfect and whole.
  12. Social media is only a small part of life. True life is beyond the phone.
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Wake up with happy affirmations

This type of affirmation is as close to the meaning as the happy morning affirmation. It is more so the same because morning times are when you wake up. However, you can also use them in a different scenario. Psychologically speaking, there are times in your life when you need an awakening in your spirit.

This could be in your finances, the relationship, or even the path to finding yourself and healing. Speaking out of these affirmations gives strength to your core and reminds your spirit you are strong enough to do anything as many times as you need to.

  1. All the good in my life comes to me as a result of my willingness to find happiness in each moment
  2. Following my joy reveals the path to my best life
  3. I accept that happiness is my true nature
  4. I allow myself to feel good
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Morning happy affirmations

Many of the affirmations that we use today are said to be more effective when you use them in the morning. This is because your mind is known to still be very fresh and open to ideas and thoughts better. The affirmations then act as a kind way of jumpstarting your mind with the right ideas and the best mental stimulation that you could have.

Check out this list of 80 morning affirmations.

Once you get used to them, you will realize that your mind will keep reminding you of everything that you need to achieve just by the simple act of choosing a powerful morning happy affirmation.

  1. I am constantly creating everything my heart desires
  2. I am grateful for waking up today. I am grateful for what I have. I am grateful for being here.
  3. I am meant to live a happy life
  4. I am worthy of feeling happy
  5. I create my happiness by accepting every part of myself with unconditional love
  6. I create the life I desire with my good feelings
  7. I feel happy with myself as a person
  8. I start every day with gratitude and thanks.
  9. Today is full of opportunities.
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Positive happy affirmations

Ideally, all the happy affirmations are supposed to be positive and enlightening. Many of them target the circumstances of the situations around you as compared to exactly how you are feeling on the inside.

Choosing to use positive happy affirmations makes sure that not only are you self-formatting how you feel, but you are also setting a standard on how you should approach the situation that is coming before you. This is one of the most effective ways that I have seen the affirmations working today.

  1. Everything is always working out well for me
  2. I am focused on my family, relationships, and career.
  3. I am present, powerful, and calm.
  4. I feel healthy, wealthy, and wise.
  5. I focus on what I can control. I let go of the rest.
  6. I permit myself to enjoy myself
  7. I have the power to shape my ideal reality
  8. I live the best life, in the best home, with the love of my life.
  9. I see so many positives in my life
  10. My dreams, goals, and challenges will be achieved through focus and hard work.
joy affirmations

Joy affirmations

We all want to experience and enjoy the feeling of joy every day of our life. This should not be hindered by how you feel or how your mind seems to be thinking. Out of experience, I have learned that the more you are intentional about something, the higher chances you will get it.

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The same thing works for joy affirmations. When you keep reminding yourself of the importance of joy, the more you will keep experiencing them even when you don’t have the situations to favor it.

  1. I am willing to be happy now
  2. I create the possibility of happiness for others by being happy
  3. I experience joy in everything I do
  4. I get to manifest more joy when it chooses to be happy
  5. Joy is the essence of my being
  6. My choice to be happy keeps me in perfect health
  7. My current joy births the life that I dream of
  8. My happiness comes from within me
  9. My happiness is reflected in everything I attract
  10. My inner joy expands when I share it with others
  11. My inner joy is the source of all the good in my life
  12. People around me can be infected by my happiness.
daily happy affirmations


Happiness affirmations are gold boosters in the lives we are living today.

This is because we no longer have communal assistance as people did before.

Nowadays, you have to channel your energy to help you go through life. Here is where the affirmations come in.

Whether you need a shot one, or maybe one that triggers the happiness, joy, and positivity in your mind, you are assured that the results will be pleasing.

All you need to do is find out exactly the situation that you want to curb or handle.

This will give you a great idea of which affirmation best suits you at that time. It should all be about productivity to walk with the faith frit to work.

Choose one and try it out.

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