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Positive affirmations for Uncertainty

With today’s political, climate, society, and personal uncertainty, many people are feeling uncertain about their future. This feeling can be unsettling and cause a lot of stress.

Some people may not know what to do with themselves or how to handle the feelings of uncertainty. While it is normal to feel this way at times, it is important to find ways to cope with these feelings.

Ways to manage uncertainty include staying informed, staying positive, and staying connected to others.

Times we feel uncertain:

  • The Future
  • The Unknown
  • Our Careers
  • Our Finances

Use these following affirmations for uncertainty to help provide you with hope and assurance in times of need.

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affirmations for times of uncertainty

Affirmations for Times of Uncertainty

When we feel uncertain it becomes difficult to trust what our life is working in our favor. We may feel like we need to take control and figure everything out ourselves.

But what if we let go and trusted the universe? We must surrender to life and allow it to flow, as we allow ourselves to be guided by something bigger than ourselves.

When we trust the universe, we open ourselves up to possibility. We allow ourselves to be open to guidance and synchronicity.

 Use these positive affirmations to trust the universe when things seem uncertain.

  1. My life is leading me to my highest good
  2. I allow myself to trust the process
  3. Even though I am unsure of where I’m heading, I know that it is somewhere good
  4. I appreciate the trust I have in the universe
  5. I allow myself to stand tall in times of uncertainty
  6. I am able to remain hopeful in times of uncertainty
  7. I am able to remain trusting in times of uncertainty
  8. I trust that the world has my best interest
  9. I remain confident that everything will be okay
  10. I am always OK in the end
  11. Life is full of ups and downs and I trust that this is part of my life’s natural order
  12. I am sure that everything is working out for me right now
positive affirmations for uncertainty

Positive affirmations for Self Trust and Uncertainty

In a time of uncertainty, it can be difficult to trust yourself. You may be second guessing every decision you make, wondering if you’re making the right choice.

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But the truth is, you are the only one who can really know what’s best for you. You have to trust yourself to make the right decisions for yourself. It can be helpful to think about what makes you happy and what you want in life.

What are your goals and dreams? What can you do to achieve these things? When you start taking action towards your goals you will gain trust for yourself.

Affirmations for self trust can be powerful in regaining a sense of assurance.

  1. I trust myself
  2. I trust myself wholeheartedly
  3. I trust my decision making
  4. I trust my communication style
  5. I trust my commitment
  6. I trust that I know what’s best for myself
  7. I trust that I make beneficial choices
  8. I trust my intelligence
  9. I trust my logic
  10. I trust my reasoning
  11. I trust my ability to see things clearly
  12. I trust my intuition and inner guidance
  13. I trust my connection with the universe
  14. I trust that I am capable of adjusting to any change that’s thrown my way
  15. I trust that I have what it takes to overcome any obstacle
  16. I trust that I am strong enough to make it through this

Affirmations for Uncertainty About the Unknown

As the world becomes more and more uncertain, people tend to gravitate towards the things they know. The unknown can be scary, so it’s natural to want to cling to what we understand.

But in a time of uncertainty, the unknown doesn’t have to be bad. In fact, it can be a time of opportunity. Think about it: when everything is stable, there’s not much room for growth. In a time of uncertainty, it’s the circumstances that we don’t know about that present us with an opportunity to grow.

In this environment, you’re forced to take risks and learn new things. Take the initiative to step of your comfort zone and try something new, such as using affirmations for uncertainty.

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  1. I know that what’s unfolding before me is the path to my highest good
  2. I understand that I won’t always know what’s coming
  3. I trust that everything that’s happening has a meaning
  4. I trust that every lesson will bring me wisdom
  5. I understand that I won’t always have all the answers
  6. I am content that I won’t always have the answers
  7. I am OK knowing I will never have all of the answers
  8. I dissolve the need to control how my life unfolds
  9. I trust that some things come in unexpected ways
  10. I let go of all fear surrounding the unknown
  11. I recognize that all good things were once part of the unknown
  12. I am for certain that my life is happening for my benefit
  13. I am content with not having all of the answers
  14. It’s nice to let the universe guide me to where it things I should be
  15. I welcome new experiences
  16. I welcome new people into my life
  17. I welcome new challenges and lessons because they help be grow
  18. I understand the power of the unknown
  19. I embrace the unknown
  20. I welcome the unknown
  21. I love the unknown
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affirmations for Calmness for Uncertainty

The world is in a state of uncertainty. Political upheaval, natural disasters, and economic instability are just some of the factors contributing to widespread unease. In times like these, it is important to remember the importance of remaining calm.

Panic and fear can lead to irrational decisions that may exacerbate an already difficult situation. It is crucial to remember that things may not be as bad as they seem, and that by remaining calm we can often find solutions to problems. The following affirmations for uncertainty can help you remain call in challenging times.

  1. I am at peace with all of my decisions
  2. I am at peace with all of my actions
  3. I am at peace with all of my choices
  4. I am at peace with everything that’s happening around me
  5. I allow myself to stay calm in challenging times
  6. I allow myself to stay collected in troubled times
  7. I have no emotional reaction when times get tough
  8. I remain happy in challenging times
  9. I remain hopeful when things seem uncertain
  10. When I am presented with uncertainty, I welcome it with open arms
  11. I am content with how my life is going
  12. I am at peace with where my life is at
  13. I am okay with whatever happens to me
  14. I know that everything that happens to me in for my benefit
  15. It’s easy for me to let go of uncertainty
  16. I am happy knowing that things are beginning to change for me
  17. I see the positive in all change
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How to Trust in Times of uncertainty

In times of uncertainty, it can be difficult to trust in anything or anyone. We may feel like we are constantly on edge, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

This can be a very lonely and isolating experience. Find something to anchor yourself to. Whether it is your faith, your family, or your friends, find something that you can hold onto during these times.

Use these positive affirmations for uncertainty to help promote calmness, peace, and trust when you are feeling uncertain about where your life is headed.

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