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I am Enough Affirmations

Your worthiness dictates what you’ll experience in your life. If you have high self worth and value—you open yourself up to experience wonderful things

If you have low self worth and value, your relationships with others may suffer and you won’t live the life you truly desire. 

There are many ways to cultivate self worth, and affirmations are a powerful way to do so. Affirmations for worthiness can help you feel like you are enough in every avenue of your life.

Affirmations can help you build:

i am affirmations for self love

I am affirmations for Self Love

As children we may have heard the phrase, “You are enough.” But what does that mean? And how do we arrive at the feeling of worthiness? For many people, worthiness is something that is cultivated over time, through experiences and relationships.

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It might start with our parents telling us that we are loved and valued, no matter what. As we grow older, we might develop a sense of identity and purpose, which helps us feel worthy of love and respect.

Use these powerful I am enough affirmations to help strengthen your self love.

  1. I am worthy of the most abundant love
  2. I am enough exactly as I am right now
  3. I am enough and worthy of having a wonderful life
  4. I am capable of seeing myself as others see me
  5. I am capable of providing myself with the love I deserve
  6. I am worthy of loving myself
  7. I am accepting myself exactly as I am right now
  8. I am aware of how my past has affected my ability to love myself
  9. I am letting go of any negative thoughts surrounding my self image
  10. I am seeing all of the wonderful qualities about myself
  11. I am understanding what it truly means to love myself
  12. I am happy with the person that I am today
  13. I am accepting all aspects of who I am
  14. I am allowing myself to see me for how I truly am
  15. I am removing anything that no longer serves me
  16. I am removing anything that stands in the way of me loving myself
  17. I am promoting self love on a daily basis
  18. I am seeing results in my self love journey
  19. I am happy with the progress I’ve made in loving myself
i am enough affirmations

Affirmations To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Comparing yourself to others is natural, but not beneficial for us to do. We often do this in order to gauge our own worthiness. We may look at someone and think, “I wish I had her hair,” or “I’m glad I’m not as overweight as he is.”

Comparing yourself to anyone will always promote feelings of low self-worth. When we focus on the things we don’t like about ourselves, it can lead to feelings of inadequacy and insecurity.

The following positive affirmations can help stop feelings of inadequacy.

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  1. I allow myself to see my worth
  2. I appreciate the things that make me unique
  3. I celebrate my differences
  4. I appreciate the differences in everyone
  5. I know that no two people can be compared
  6. I am proud of the person that I’ve become
  7. I see all of the wonderful qualities about myself
  8. I love my authenticity
  9. I appreciate all of my quirks and habits
  10. I know my worth
  11. I am full of joy when the people I care about succeed
  12. I believe that you are your own competition

Health Habits Affirmations To Feel Good

We can make ourselves feel well in numerous ways. We can exercise, eat healthy foods, get a good night’s sleep, and spend time with loved ones. Sometimes keeping things simple is the most effective route to take.

Something as simple as taking a few minutes for ourselves each day to do something that makes us feel good can have a profound impact on our overall happiness.

These I am affirmations for positive habits can help transform your life.

  1. I wake up feeling refreshed every morning
  2. In the morning I make sure to take care of my needs
  3. I make sure to eat a well balanced breakfast
  4. I eat breakfast everyday
  5. I always have clean clothes
  6. I always wake up on time
  7. I allow myself to get enough sleep at night
  8. I make sure I eat a nutritious lunch everyday
  9. I drink enough water throughout my day
  10. I am always staying hydrated
  11. I always have healthy well balanced snacks
  12. I allow myself to take breaks throughout my day
  13. I always plan fun activities for myself so I have things to look forward to
  14. I make sure to exercise everyday
  15. I love being active
  16. I love participating in activities that keep me active
  17. I always eat a well balanced dinner
  18. My meals are healthy and filling
  19. I allow myself time to relax at night
  20. I meditate and reflect on my days
  21. I allow myself to let go of my day before I go to sleep
  22. I get a healthy amount of sleep at night

I am Enough In A relationship Affirmations

In order to be loved, society often teaches us that we must have a certain look, or be a certain size, or have money, it is easy to forget that we are already worthy of love just as we are. When we are in a relationship, it is important to remember that we are enough.

We do not need to change who we are in order to make our partner happy. Our partner should be happy with us just as we are.

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  1. I feel like I’m enough in my relationship
  2. I feel loved in my relationship
  3. I have love to offer
  4. I have support to offer
  5. I am open to the love my partner provides
  6. I am open to receiving love from the world
  7. I allow myself to receive love from my partner
  8. My relationship feels balanced and supportive
  9. My relationship feels equal
  10. My partner affirms how much they love me
  11. My partner affirms the things they appreciate about me and our relationship
  12. I feel like I play a healthy role in my relationship
  13. I am happy how my relationship has turned out
  14. I feel confident in my relationship
  15. I feel at ease in my relationship
  16. I feel like my relationship is meant to last
  17. I see my relationship lasting for the rest of my life
  18. I feel loved and appreciated within my relationship
  19. I recognize the positive impact I’ve had on my partner

I am Enough at Work Affirmations

At work it’s easy to compare ourselves to others, and we often times feel a sense of unworthiness.

When we compare ourselves to co-workers we are belittling the efforts we make and our abilities. We may feel like we are not good enough to be where we are.

This can be especially true if we hold a position of power or authority. We may feel like others are more deserving or that we are not cut out for the job. This can lead to feelings of anxiety and insecurity. Use these I am affirmations for anxiety related to your job.

  1. I feel confident with my performance at work
  2. I am constantly being reminded how appreciated I am at my job
  3. I do am amazing job at everything that I do
  4. I have the skill needed to succeed in my career
  5. I am given new responsibilities due to the trust my job has in me
  6. I am always beating new goals at my job
  7. I love the work that I do
  8. I am confident with the work that I do
  9. I am happy with the work that I do
  10. I feel appreciated at my job
  11. I feel like I play a vital role in my job
  12. I do a fantastic job in my role
  13. I am given bonuses and promotions because of my work
you are good enough affirmations

You Are Enough

For so long, you have struggled with the feeling of not being good enough. You have spent countless hours trying to figure out how you can change yourself so that you feel more worthy.

Use these I am Enough affirmations daily to help better your life. What you need to realized is that you are already worthy. You are Enough.

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