Affirmations for Self Healing

The mind, body, and soul are interconnected. 

When an aspect of you is out of alignment, the other is affected. In order to be healthy, you must work to keep all three in balance. 

This can be done through healing your mind, body, and soul. 

There are many ways to do this. 

You can meditate, pray, eat healthy foods, and exercise. 

It takes time, effort, and commitment to keep your mind, body, and soul in balance. 

Mental: You can think about positive things. This will help you stay calm and peaceful.

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Body: You can exercise, eat healthy foods, and sleep enough to keep your body healthy.

Soul: You can pray, meditate, and dream.

The following healing affirmations can help you heal every aspect of yourself, bringing you into a state of wholeness.

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Healing affirmations for The Mind

The mind is the center of our thoughts and emotions. It can be difficult to heal when we are constantly bombarded with negative thoughts and emotions.

However, it is possible to heal your mind by taking time for yourself and learning how to manage your thoughts and emotions.

Meditation, journaling, and positive self-talk are a few ways to help you begin to heal your mind.

  1. I love how my mind works
  2. My mind is unique and special to me
  3. My mind is important
  4. My thoughts are my own
  5. I am in complete control over my mind
  6. I only allow thoughts that benefit me to penetrate my mind
  7. I am not concerned with the thoughts of others
  8. I think for myself
  9. I honor authenticity
  10. I am able to perceive things beyond the illusion
  11. My mind is my safe haven
  12. My mind feels powerful
healing affirmations for the body

Healing affirmations for the Body

The body is the center of our physical health. Often times, we ignore our physical symptoms until they become unbearable.

We are so busy with work, school, and family obligations that we forget to take care of ourselves. It’s time to make our health a priority.

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The body is the center of our physical health, and it’s time to start treating it that way.

  1. My body is in perfect health
  2. Every ailment I have ever had has completely dissolved
  3. I am happy with my body
  4. I am in love with my body
  5. When I love in the mirror I like what I see
  6. I am happy to have the body that I do
  7. My body is flexible
  8. My body is strong
  9. My body is balanced
  10. I nourish my body with nutritious foods
  11. I always give my body what it needs to remain healthy
  12. I am a perfect picture of health
  13. My health is radiant and bright
  14. I feel healthier every single day
healing affirmations for the soul

Healing affirmations for the Soul

The soul is the center of our spiritual health. We can connect with our soul by listening to our intuition and following our heart.

Our intuition is a communication from our soul, and it can help us heal our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Following our heart means living in accordance with our values and desires, which brings us happiness and fulfillment.

Connecting with our soul is the key to achieving optimal spiritual health.

Use these healing affirmations for the mind body and soul to help reconnect these aspects of yourself.

  1. I allow myself to be exactly as I am
  2. I accept myself fully and completely
  3. I accept every aspect of myself
  4. I have decided to live my life in joy
  5. I choose to live my life in peace
  6. I choose to live my life in acceptance
  7. I love and appreciate who I am
  8. I find something to love about every aspect of my being
  9. I make beneficial choices for myself
  10. I do things that bring me joy
  11. I let go of what no longer serves me
  12. I allow myself to be free
affirmations for self healing

Healing Affirmations to Clear Your Mind

Everyone wants to find peace of mind. When you’re feeling out of balanced this goal can seem impossible to achieve. You just need to know how to clear your mind and focus on the present. Follow these steps to get started:

  • Find a quiet place where you can relax and focus on your breath.
  • Clear your mind of all distractions and focus on the present moment.
  • Be aware of any negative emotions you feel and what they might be trying to tell you.

Use these affirmations for the mind to help quiet your thoughts.

  1. I allow my mind to be at peace
  2. I am removing any thoughts or feeling that no longer serve me
  3. I protect my mind from outside influence
  4. I allow myself to be at ease

Healing affirmations for Physical Vitality

Having a healthy body is important for your over-all sense of well-being. A healthy body is necessary in order to maintain balance and live a happy, fulfilling life.

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There is an abundance of habits you can adopt in order to achieve a healthy body, such as eating healthy meals, getting adequate exercise, and getting enough sleep. It is also important to find time for relaxation and self-care.

By following these tips, people can achieve a healthy body and maintain balance in their lives. Use these healing affirmations for well-being.

  1. My health is vibrant
  2. I am healthier than I could have ever imaged
  3. I have never felt this strong before
  4. I can’t believe how amazing I feel
  5. My entire body is in balanced
  6. All of my hormones are balanced
  7. I have optimal vitamin levels
  8. All of my blood levels are in perfect health

Affirmations for Spiritual Health

Within each of us lies a divine purpose waiting to be discovered. It’s what we’re meant to do in this life, and when we find it, our souls are healed. Connecting with our higher power is the key to discovering our soul’s purpose.

Get still and quiet the mind. You can achieve this through praying, meditating, or simply spending time in nature. Ask for guidance.

The following affirmations for spiritual wholeness will help reconnect you with your spirituality.

  1. I allow the universe to speak through me
  2. I follow the universe’s guidance
  3. I know that everything is always working out for my highest good
  4. I believe in divine timing
  5. I believe in divine guidance
  6. I have a strong spiritual calling
  7. I have a dedicated spiritual practice
  8. I feel connected to my faith
  9. I feel connected to the universe
  10. I welcome in universal love
  11. I welcome in universal abundance
  12. I know that all causes have an effect
  13. My guides know what is best for me
  14. I step back and let the universe take guidance
  15. I allow myself to live a spiritual life
  16. I feel connected to my soul and my higher self
  17. I allow myself to live a spiritually fulfilling live
  18. I live my life in my highest good
  19. I walk the path of ascension
  20. I am always moving towards higher awareness
  21. I am constantly raising my consciousness
  22. I allow myself to see beyond the veil
  23. I am in touch with my spiritual self
  24. I live a soulful life

The whole version of you is made up of many parts. When you neglect one aspect of you the others suffer. It’s important to take time to bring your mind, body, and soul back into balance so you can live a more empowered life.

Using these healing affirmations for your mind, body, and soul can help you elevate yourself into the version you’ve always dreamed of.

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