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35 Relationship Affirmations to Grow Your Love Together

Do you have conflicts with your partner every day? Do you doubt their love for you? Are you not able to fully express yourself in this relationship? If yes, this clearly indicates that you need to focus more on growing your love together with positive relationship affirmations. …

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positive affirmations to start your day

90 Positive Affirmations To Start Your Day

We actively go through so many emotions every day. It often gets tough to speak with kindness and positivity towards ourselves. We tend to get into feelings of hatred, low self-esteem, and unworthiness towards ourselves which can hinder our growth in life. To combat such negative emotions and be better at life, we have accumulated 90 positive affirmations that can brighten up your day, life, and soul each morning!

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20 Daily Affirmations For Everyone

It is often harder to speak with kindness and positivity towards ourselves than it is to others. You may notice yourself jumping on the chance to compliment and encourage a friend who is doubting themselves, yet you don’t do the same for yourself when you harbor the same doubt for …

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